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Genuine red cedar beauty and durability.

When you sell Idaho Cedar Sales’ cedar, your customers get the surpassing natural beauty of genuine red cedar. They also get durability without chemical preservatives since red cedar has its own resins, tannins and oils that make it highly resistant to rot, insects, decay, fungus and weather

Real split cedar.

Unlike other so-called split cedar products which are sawn to “look” split, our product is actually split. Skillful use of modern hydraulic splitting equipment ensures consistent sizing, while preserving the natural split texture that makes this fence so attractive.

Environmentally responsible.

Idaho Cedar Sales’ red cedar is an all-natural, biodegradable product, made from America’s renewable resource – wood.

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No retail sales, wholesale only.

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Idaho Cedar Sales
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Why Buy From Us?

Idaho Cedar Sales is dedicated to making sure you get the best return on your split rail investment. We concentrate on manufacturing the nicest product available, do it at a sensible price, ship your order on time, and guarantee every stick you buy. We do this and more so that both you and your customers are delighted with the performance of our fencing.

Idaho Cedar Sales is situated on 10 acres in North Idaho. This sawmill has 18,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and storage buildings. Annual capacity is 350 truckloads.

Cedar Split Rail Fencing

Quality workmanship.

Our split rail is carefully manufactured and carefully graded for size, strength and appearance. Each piece that makes the grade is branded with our initials so you know you’re getting Idaho Cedar Sales’ quality. Further, we back every post and rail with our money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Easy to install and care for.

Red cedar split rail fence is one of the simplest fences to build, and requires no painting, staining or any other maintenance.

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Gates and Hardware


Our gates are hand-crafted from both cedar-split rail posts and our hand-split pickets. We offer the aforementioned in four sizes in 2-rail and 3-rail.


To help compliment our gates, we have recently added gate hardware. Our gate hardware includes hinges, a double-ring latch, and, for larger livestock, we offer a load-bearing latch. The combination of our gates and hardware complete any 2-rail or 3-rail cedar-split rail fence project.

Information Guide

Gate Sizes
3-Rail x 42″ Gate
3-Rail x 60″ Gate
2-Rail x 60″ Gate
2-Rail x 42″ Gate
Gate HardwarePCS Per Box

Standard Double
Ring Latch

Load Bearing
Ring Latch

5/8″ Diameter
Hinges (gates up to 8 feet)

3/4″ Diameter
Hinges (gates up to 14 feet)

Cedar Fence Styles

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, we at Idaho Cedar Sales have decided to manufacture the same style of split rail fence developed by early pioneers. Often referred to as a Stack Fence, Worm Fence or Battlefield Fence, this typical early pioneer fencing offers both natural beauty and rustic charm. Installation is easy and because no post hole drilling is required, this stack style is especially popular in difficult soils and rocky terrain. Because the fence is entirely above ground level which eliminates soil contact, it is virtually rot free. We offer this beautiful, rustic split rail fence in two species, both White Pine and Red Cedar.

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