Idaho Timber

From our headquarters in the Boise metro area, our corporate administrative staff, accounting, credit, traffic, and home center marketing and purchasing teams coordinate nation-wide sales.

Idaho Timber of BoISE

General Manager: Spencer Lott
 2×4 – 2×12 / 8′- 20′ studs and dimension
Facility Type: Manufacturing Plant and Sales. This site is 25 acres with 76,000 sq. ft of manufacturing and storage structures. Annual capacity is 100 million board feet.

Idaho Cedar Sales

General Manager: Byron Cannon
Products: Cedar Split Rail Fencing, gates and hardware.
Facility: Idaho Cedar Sales is situated on 10 acres in North Idaho. This sawmill has 18,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and storage buildings. Annual capacity is 350 truckloads.


Idaho Timber of Idaho

General Manager: Frank Peaslee
Products: 1×4 – 1×12 / 2′-16′ home center appearance boards, common boards and pattern products.
7/8 inland red cedar, home center cedar boards, cedar pattern stock, 7/8 Cedar fence pickets, tile batts, low grade cedar
Facility: Located on 25 acres this facility has 135,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing buildings and covered storage structures. Annual capacity is 70 million.